Saturday Shoot

Just finished some pix from Saturday's shoot with Tasha Niicole, Joey and Breezy Bree.  

High Country

we'll be hitting the high country this weekend and bringing back some new pix for your viewing/downloading pleasure 😆

On the Ocean

Well, well, well... We had a great time on the Ocean today. I can't wait to share the shots; whales, otters, birds...etc. Keep an eye out for our newest photos... ✌Pix  

O. B. B.

It Pix was onsite with the OBB this forth of July...we had a great shoot and tons of fun, thanks OBB! 

Tuolumne County Jubilee

II Pix just had the opportunity to shoot the TC Jubilee.... what a great experience! Thank you for the vote of confidence Tuolumne! ✌Pix

Success in San Francisco

what a great time....we were back in the city. II Pix had another successful shoot with models Tasha Niicole and Miss Paige Nicole. Check out our website for the latest uploads. ✌Pix

Ocean calling....

II Pix is heading back to San Francisco for another site shoot... Let's see what we bring back 😆

High Country Shoot

II Pix just finished up the "High Country" shoot with model Tasha Niicole. It was cool and wet but we pulled through it. I was surprised that it didn't snow at 9000ft. To top off this wonderful day, we had a Golden Eagle follow us down hwy 120 (Tuolumne Meadows). No joke, the eagle was so close to my window I could see the talons (so amazing).

Pow Wow Shoot

II Pix just had the opportunity to shoot the Mother'd Day pow wow in Mariposa California; what a beautiful to be out and about!! 

Ideas for shoot???

We are going to be shooting a "Bikes, Babes and Tat's" theme" in a few weeks, check back to see the shots. Also, we are open to any of your ideas; feel free to post them here. Ty!


II Pix is offering a spring sale event; prices slashed on many High Resolution pics, come take a look!

Collection Ideas

I was thinking for doing a photo collection (theme) and was wondering if anyone would like to assist in the idea (theme); I am open for your ideas... ;)